• Electrical Commutators
    Manufacture of
    commutators for electric motors
    Specialize in the manufacture of commutators for the Automotive Industry.
  • Slip rings
    Manufacture of
    alternators slip rings for electric motors
    Specialist in the manufacture of slip rings for the Automotive Industry.
  • Shafts Machining
    Shaft machining and
    heat treatments
    We offer shafts for the automotive industry with processes of:
    induction grinding, turning, knurling, grooving and quenching for
    whith a variety of needs and specifications.
Metrology Laboratory
    Metrology Laboratory with the
    most eficient and precise infrastructure
    To calibrate of: measure instruments tools
    measure all our tools, accessories and devices
  • Tools Workshop
    From the design, manufacture, measurement and preventive
    maintenance to have eficient production deliveries and manufacturing needs.

About us

KWD Industries is a Mexican company with more than 45 years in the market. Backed by technological development, the quality of its products and its processes, it offers its clients the best business solutions.

Specialized in the manufacture of switches and slip rings for alternators and starters, electric tools and household appliances. Through the years, KWD Industrias has become a trusted end-to-end solution partner for our customers by meeting the requirements of IATF 16949: 2016 governing the demanding automotive industry for OEM products.

Certified manufacturing processes for OEM manufacturing.


Original equipment




Update in process ISO/ IATF 16949:2016

Our Applications


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Slip Rings

Rings 13

Chrysler C-79B

Slip Rings

Rings 34

Delco CS 130D

Slip Rings

Rings 38

Delco CS-144 long

Slip Rings

Rings 40

Delco 22SI